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Housing Hive: Developing Digital Solutions around Customer Needs

In the social housing sector, there is a growing emphasis on customer voice, particularly with the guidance provided by the social housing whitepaper, tenant satisfaction measures, and publicly exposed shortcomings. Providers must prioritise customer needs in all initiatives, including the development and design of digital platforms.
When working on digital projects, it's important to involve customers in the process. However, it can be challenging to balance customer feedback with your organisation's scope of work and ensure that the project stays on track.
Rewatch our Housing Hive to hear from an organisation that has not only managed to achieve all of the above whilst delivering a programme of 6 websites but won an award off the back of it! We're joined by Stockport Homes Group to hear how they planned for and executed the involvement and feedback of over 1,000 customers, followed by winning ‘Best Digital Experience’ at the Housing Digital Innovation Awards.

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