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Housing Hive: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape in Social Housing

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The current economic landscape and operating environment in social housing is challenging. This complexity is compounded by the imminent change to consumer regulation as the sector prepares for the biggest regulatory shift for over a decade.
Check out our latest Housing Hive webinar, where Sector Transformation Expert Amanda Leonard discusses navigating the current challenges and how to prepare for regulatory change. From effective risk mitigation strategies, capacity generating operating practices and getting underneath the new standards to how to build trust and improve tenant satisfaction.
We delve into the core responsibilities of social housing providers, addressing the imperative to deliver safe and decent homes while contributing to the creation of new homes for those. With capacity busting, multiple priorities this is a must attend session as we explore. Personalising service delivery by understanding customer preferences and needs to build trust and create internal capacity to support those in need and tackle operational complexity.
As Jonathan Walters, Deputy Chief Executive at RSH, emphasises in the recent Sector Risk Profile , "Social housing providers are navigating difficult economic terrain. Boards must be clear-eyed and strategic about the risks they face, and deploy appropriate mitigations when needed. They must also make sure they are ready for our stronger programme of consumer regulation from next April. Providers have a core role of providing safe and decent homes for tenants and building new homes for people who need them. It is vital that they continue to meet our regulatory standards as they do this."