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Housing Hive: Resident-Centric Innovation in Social Housing

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In todays Housing Hive, we explore the transformative landscape of resident engagement and customer experience in social housing. In the wake of regulatory shifts and operational intricacies, join us for an insightful webinar led by Prodo Sector Transformation expert Amanda Leonard, a visionary in customer-centric innovation.

We delve into the strategic role of digitalisation as a catalyst for trust-building and capacity unlocking within the housing sector. We'll draw on recent industry research, examining the hurdles faced by landlords and exploring a holistic approach to resident engagement.

This session aims to inspire a broader conversation on reshaping the future of social housing, emphasising the importance of understanding resident needs and preferences. Touching on Prodo's experiences, we'll share perspectives on how technology, when aligned with customer-centric values, can positively impact service delivery.

As we look beyond current challenges, this webinar sets the stage for meaningful discussions at the upcoming Customer Experience and Resident Engagement conference on February 29 in London.