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Housing Hive: The CRM Movement in Housing

We're joined by Paul Earnden, Managing Director of Fuelius, an expert CRM implementer and one of the few HubSpot Elite partners in the country.

CRM is a big topic of conversation across the housing sector at the moment. Over the past 12-18 months, we've witnessed a significant shift within the housing sector, with more HAs moving away from legacy systems, recognising the need for robust CRM solutions offered by industry giants.

These systems empower organisations to segment data effectively, streamline processes, and ultimately achieve targeted service delivery and communication strategies - a core deliverable in digital transformation programmes and aligned to the changes to consumer regulation.

During our session, Paul will share invaluable insights into the benefits of CRM adoption within the housing sector, including a real-world example with one of the largest HAs in the country.

From enhancing data segmentation to optimising communication workflows, Paul will shed light on how HubSpot's CRM solutions can revolutionise your approach to tenant engagement and operational efficiency.

00:00 Introducing today's topic
01:13 Agenda
02:51 The CRM Movement in Housing
06:52 Introducing our guest - Paul Earnden
09:09 The Housing management system
13:23 Chat GPT, define CRM…
14:19 A shift in focus
18:50 Hub & Spoke Model
22:52 The Movement
26:40 How can CRM benefit housing?
34:44 CRM Projects
35:11 What do you need to consider when planning a CRM project?
38:02 Why do CRM projects fail?
39:20 Is HubSpot a fit for the public sector?
42:34 Q&A
45:10 Our next Housing Hive