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Housing Hive: People-centred Digital Transformation with Raven Housing Trust

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When people think about digital transformation, it’s typically about the technology and how to make things quicker or more efficient.

Lots of housing organisations are currently focussed on improving their customer experience to align to the new consumer standards. However, most focus on technology and successful digital transformations are made up of three elements, people, technology and data.

In this session we delve in to how people powered transformations are ultimately more successful. We’re thrilled that Julia Mixter, Raven Housing Trust’s Director of Transformation and previously HR Director joined us, along with our own Prodo CEO, Rob Quayle, who who has led numerous transformations across a number of different sectors.

In this session, Julia shares invaluable insights from Raven's transformative journey, shedding light on the pivotal role that people play in transformations to ultimately enhance customer engagement, transparency and accountability, whilst delivering operational improvements and efficiencies. Julia also discusses the importance of honest assessment and learning from challenges encountered along the way, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and resilience within the organisation.

We also gain an alternative perspective from Rob, who will speak from the viewpoint of a digital transformation consultancy and software agency, providing actionable strategies and best practices for navigating the complexities of digital transformation whilst keeping people at the heart of the process.

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